Kirbys – the original moving picture

Originally called DD Merritt & Co when the company was formed in 1905, it then merged in 1955 with CD Hodgson, which in turn was bought in 1971 and became part of the TNL Group.


Kirbys was the first company to build and use ‘pantechnicons’ – a furniture removal van. The word pantechnicon is a word mainly in British usage for a furniture removal van, it’s a compound of two classical Greek words: pan, “all”, and tekhnikon, “artistic; belonging to the arts”, hence “a place for all the arts”.

We started in 1905, and from those humble beginnings in Nelson we have developed into the Kirbys of today – able to move your furniture and belongings anywhere in the world. So for all your furniture moving needs, call Kirbys, the furniture movers.


  • exceptional service
  • trusted staff
  • great value